Pagonis Live Bait, a family owned and operated company, is at the second generation of hardworking and dedicated people striving, as the company founders did, to bring you the best quality fishing bait and service for your dollar.

For over 25 years Pagonis Live Bait has been at the forefront of the North American Live Bait Industry, and now, we continue to innovate and provide the best products and service possible. Our main service is supplying bait shops throughout Canada and USA with the largest selection of high-quality nightcrawlers. We also supply regional distributors with our premium quality bait fish and night crawlers across the northern United States.

We welcome you to our web site, and we hope you find it both friendly and informative! Our sales exceed 65 million worms annually. Our facilities are large enough to secure a constant supply. All of our prepackaged bait is fresh daily.

Pagonis Live Bait supplies throughout Canada, USA and Europe; with a distribution center in the USA supplying prepackaged worms with our Evergreen Trade Mark.

Our product, Pagonis Live Bait carries a variety of worms: dug worms/leaf worm, dillies/baby crawlers, large night crawlers, green worms.

We also carry leeches upon a customer request; we bring them in depending on weight and size that the customer wishes to order (large and jumbo sizes available). Our worms can be purchased by bulk or prepackaged in 12 and 24 containers. We also have the blue and white cups unlabeled. Our customers prefer the label packaging for product identification. We do not have a price list because the pricing varies on quantity.

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